Engineering and Management at Pforzheim - an interdisciplinary success model

Industrial engineers are all-rounders who build bridges between the business world and technology.
Thanks to their interdisciplinary training, industrial engineers can work in nearly all areas of a company. For instance, they can work in production, logistics, marketing, sales, IT, research and development, controlling and consulting. So what are the typical tasks of industrial engineers today here in German and around the world? They are involved in complex sales of manufacturing plants; they plan demanding projects and analyze technical questions from an economic point of view.  The corporate world is becoming more and more complex, thus there is demand for executives and managers with an integrating function and who have an eye on the entire company. This function requires an understanding of both technical and commercial business processes.

Our study program Engineering and Management is geared precisely to this need. Industrial engineers are in great demand both at the national and international levels because they understand and shape the connections between technological progress, economic growth and societal change. The ability to work across all areas makes them the ideal choice for management positions for integrated teams. Entry-level salaries for graduates of Engineering and Management programs have been above average for years. Even in economic downturn times, industrial engineers remain highly in demand. Studying Engineering and Management is a good and secure investment in a successful professional future.