Five reasons to choose our program "Engineers Made in Germany"

1. German engineering – benefit from our long tradition and know-how

Germany has always been synonymous with engineering. No other country has shaped the profession and the image of an engineer more than Germany. Carl Benz, Robert Bosch and many others have developed their inventions in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Its reputation as a land of inventors has been the result of its many successful patents, one of its most famous persons being Gottlieb Daimler, the inventor of the first car in the late nineteenth century. The education goal of our study programs in engineering has been very much influenced by this spirit.

2. Gain an insight into engineering

As a university with a mandate in applied sciences, we deliver engineering competence, not just theory. Our professors not only hold PhD or Master degrees – they have worked for at least three years in industry. They are practitioners maintaining close collaboration to industry, hence, enabling them to link theory and practice in student projects undertaken together with companies. A lot of our exchange students avail themselves of the opportunity of a six-month internship semester to complete their studies by gaining hands-on experience at companies such as Bosch, Daimler, Porsche and SAP as well as powerful small and medium sized enterprises which have their headquarters in our southern German region.

3. We offer a study program tailored to your needs

Our program offers a wide range of engineering and management courses in manufacturing based on the latest technology know-how due to strong ties to industry and commerce in the region. These courses are taught entirely in English. You will not only become an expert in manufacturing by learning the skills of an engineer combined with the skills of a manager. You will also have the chance to supplement your studies abroad by acquiring German language skills and choosing from our wide range of contextual studies and intercultural engineering. The courses you will have access to, are part of our bachelor degree programs. Therefore, you will meet our domestic students right in the classroom and get integrated into our local student community. Furthermore, Pforzheim University welcomes hundreds of exchange students every semester from all over the world. Thus, intercultural networking begins on the campus.

4. Enjoy high quality education

Our commitment to quality in the teaching of our study programs has been confirmed by various national accreditation institutions. Furthermore, our study program of Business Administration and Engineering has recently been accredited by AACSB International together with our business and business law programs at the Pforzheim Business School. In Germany only seven out of about 200 universities with business programs have been AACSB accredited. Our School of Engineering’s excellent educational standards and methods, outstanding study conditions as well as its focus on the job market have repeatedly been reflected in various German rankings.

5. Studying in one of the most innovative regions in the heart of Europe

Pforzheim is located between the cities of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe (30 min. driving distance) in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Baden-Württemberg is one of Europe’s most innovative and globalized regions. Interesting destinations for weekend trips are famous cities such as Heidelberg, Munich, and Zurich. Paris and Vienna are further popular travel destinations for our exchange students. Pforzheim is also a starting point for trips to the beautiful and varied landscape of the Black Forest with a multitude of leisure activities such as hiking, climbing or skiing.

Pforzheim University - creativity, business management, technical precision

Pforzheim University is able to trace its roots back to 1877 when an Arts and Crafts School for the jewelry and metal industry was founded. Today with around 5.100 students and 170 professors it integrates three schools: the School of Engineering, the Business School and the School of Design. With a broad range of bachelor and master degree programs these schools (faculties) combine creativity with business management and technical precision.

Pforzheim University is one of the largest Universities of Applied Sciences in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Universities of Applied Sciences are a type of German higher education institution which differ from the traditional university mainly through their practical orientation. Our academic and professional education conducted in cooperation with hundreds of companies is an excellent starting point for a successful career. All of our undergraduate degree students are required to complete a six-month internship. International students may also combine their study abroad with an internship in a company.

Pforzheim University has a strong international orientation. It cooperates in an active exchange with more than 100 partner universities worldwide and is engaged in various international networks. We have students from 40 different nations enrolled at our university. Thus both domestic students and international students have the opportunity to study together in a mixed learning environment. Our International Study Program (ISP), the Summer School, numerous university partnerships and also the international accreditation awarded by AACSB International have contributed to our internationalization. Pforzheim University is one of nine German universities actively involved in the network of Global Education for European Engineers (GE4), it is also a founding member of the Network of International Business and Economic Schools (NIBES).

School of Enginnering - Indivivudal projects and practical experiences

The School of Engineering, founded in 1992, offers a broad range of bachelor and master study programs in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Mechatronics and Business Administration and Engineering (Industrial Engineering). All study programs enjoy close collaboration with business representatives and established industrial enterprises. Thus, we are able to ensure that our future graduates will secure excellent job offers in industry, taking on technical, business and organizational managerial responsibilities.

We offer a learning situation based on the diversity of our students in terms of nationality, ethnicity and gender. Our school is student oriented and provides a high level of interaction and communication with other students and professors. We focus on good and effective mentoring in small-sized classes (on average 30 students). Students enhance their knowledge primarily through individual projects and group work. As a result, students are able to work effectively in teams or leading positions.

Interdisciplinary thinking plays a significant role at our school. Throughout their studies and research projects there is excellent cooperation between students and business companies, engineers, designers and experts from various sectors. The Institute of Applied Research, the Steinbeis Transfer Centers and the Jewelry Technology Institute are actively involved in applied research projects. Close collaboration with internationally acclaimed companies like Bosch, Daimler, Porsche, SAP etc., has led to an increase in applicants to the school. Consequently, the school has been expanding internally as well as internationally.

Pforzheim University is certified and continuously evaluated by the state of Baden-Württemberg. Most engineering study programs have been nationally accredited and new study programs are in the process of receiving accreditation. Together with the Business School, the three study programs in Business Administration and Engineering (Industrial Engineering), have been accredited by AACSB International (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). AACSB International is a leading global institution which is responsible for evaluating the standards of teaching and research within management-oriented study programs. Pforzheim is the first University of Applied Sciences in Germany, alongside six German universities, to have received this accolade for its achievement of the highest international quality standards.

Go for gold - in the heart of europe!

Pforzheim University - In The Heart Of Europe

Pforzheim is worth its weight in gold in every sense. With a population of 120.000 the city lies in the south-west of Germany, right in the heart of Europe – an extremely attractive location from both a commercial and geographical perspective. Known as the cradle of the German jewelry and watch-making industry Pforzheim has made its name throughout the world as the »City of Gold«. 70% of German jewelry originates from factories in Pforzheim – a seal of approval which guarantees top quality.

Numerous famous global enterprises are located in the region thus making the metropolitan area around Pforzheim and the Baden-Württemberg state capital of Stuttgart into one of the strongest economic regions in Europe. Worldwide renowned companies originate from this area and even today have their headquarters in the vicinity of Pforzheim.

For engineers in particular is Pforzheim the perfect place to reap the benefits of the combination of innovative talent and the long-standing tradition of reliable quality. In a national comparison it was demonstrated that the state of Baden-Württemberg has filed the most applications for patents for its inventions. Famous inventors of the region, such as Ferdinand von Zeppelin, Gottlieb Daimler, Carl Benz, Robert Bosch and Johannes Kepler laid the foundations which led to Baden-Württemberg being deservedly known as the »land of inventors«.

The Baden-Württemberg people have always been strongly linked historically to the automobile industry. Milestones, such as the first car journey, which Bertha Benz undertook from Mannheim to Pforzheim, tie the city closely to the history of the automobile and have spurred it on time and again to achieve peak innovative performance. In order to carry on this tradition Pforzheim University is educating the engineers of tomorrow in close collaboration with the region’s industry.

Alongside these economic locational advantages, Pforzheim also has something to offer when it comes to quality of life. With the highest amount of hours of sunshine per year Baden-Württemberg is known as the »Sunshine State« of Germany. Located on the northern edge of the Black Forest the city is ideally situated to undertake numerous leisure time activities in both summer and winter such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding in the mountains, watersports on Lake Constance or to enjoy the pulsating nightlife in the nearby state capital Stuttgart. In addition due to its location in the heart of Europe Pforzheim is the perfect starting point to explore Europe. You can find so much scenic and cultural diversity in very close proximity. It is all just waiting for you to visit.