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Welcome @HSPF: Guest student Nina Lee from Taiwan

Welcome @HS PF: Nina Lee, Gaststudentin aus Taiwan, wird von Professor Ansgar Kühn auf der Brücke vor dem Technikgebäude begrüßt.

Name: Nina Lee

Age: 25

Home university: Taiwan Tech National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Stay @Pforzheim University: March 2021 – March 2022
(Double Degree / Engineering and Management (M.Sc.))




What led to your decision to stay and study in Germany for one year?
I wanted to get in touch with a completely different culture.

How do you like Pforzheim so far?
I like it a lot. The people here are very friendly and helpful. I got lost on my very second day in the city centre of Pforzheim and a polite lady helped me to get back on the right way to my new home here. I also noticed that people here are very driven and motivated and work hard. I am looking foward to getting to know Pforzheim better and to learning the German language a little bit.

Which courses do you take at Pforzheim University?
Agile Project Management, Negotiation, Big Data Analytics, Financial Management and Control, Cross Border Cooperation, Management by KPI, Management of Emerging Technologies - Technical Concepts/ Organizational Concepts and Leadership.



The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology abbreviated as NTUST or Taiwan Tech, is a public technological university located in Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan Tech was established in 1974, as the first and the leading higher education institution of its kind within Taiwan's technical and vocational education system. Taiwan Tech is one of Asia's 10th rank as the best institute in science and technology. Taiwan Tech has a total enrollment of more than 11,000 students, among those roundabout 1,200 internationals.

The research and development activities of Taiwan Tech are focused on research in basic science and applied science, as well as university-industry and international cooperation. Large-scale projects are conducted in building engineering, chemistry, computer engineering, electronics, information technology, and materials technology. They are facilitated by an inter-departmental and interdisciplinary approach, and thus enhance both academic research and teaching.