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Engineering and Management (M.Sc.)

Previously: Business Administration & Engineering


Company structures are becoming more and more complex - employers are therefore looking for managers who have business, technical and methodological knowledge. Graduates of the master's degree program Engineering and Management understand the work of engineers as well as value-oriented management and strategic procurement. As multi-qualified generalists, engineers are able to interlink different areas of knowledge and tasks and to think and act across the board, so that products not only function reliably, but also sell well.


Lead international teams!

Manage interdisciplinary projects!

Lead technology companies!

Study Program Overview

The three-semester master's degree program Engineering and Management, starting winter semester 2017/18, is a further development of the master's program in Business Administration & Engineering.

The degree program offers bachelor's graduates an internationally oriented generalist qualification in the field of engineering and management. In addition to the coordinated study contents, one can also freely compile a personalised profile from a wide range of optional modules (electives) to fit own individual career plans. Boost your interdisciplinary profile and choose from course contents of master programs from all three schools, namely: Engineering, Business and Design.

You will study in small groups, prepare seminars and workshops and carry out practice-oriented project work. Thus, you not only achieve a highly professional level of education which is geared to meet the current demands in the market, but also improve your personal development while working in teams towards finding ideal solutions. Depending on the individual composition of the courses, the second semester can be completed in English. Therefore, you are ideally prepared for an international work environment.


What our students say

The master's degree program has helped me to gain deeper insights into different topics, which also correspond to my interests. I was particularly fascinated by completing projects in cooperation with companies and working together in teams with people from different backgrounds. The culture, the study, the professional experience and the life situation of each individual brought about constant changes of perspective and thoughts, leading to ever new ideas and results. Today, as a department head at Bosch, I use this experience and knowledge to help shape the constant change.

Tobias Matter, graduate of 2008

Professional Opportunities

The program qualifies graduates for a career in leading management positions, especially in technical or interdisciplinary divisions, for example in strategic procurement, in which outstanding methodical and strategic skills are needed. There are many professional opportunities in different areas of a company - in industry, in trade and in the services sector, in the energy sector, product management, innovation and technology management, and science.

We prepare graduates to work in leading positions of national and international companies. They can work in operations, production and management, or can gradually be recruited to senior management positions.

Your profile - Prerequisites

If you want to rise up in the corporate ladder, make far-reaching decisions and want to assume leadership responsibility, then this program is the right one for you.  We will prepare you for a successful career in top management.

Content and Structure of Program

1st semester

Leadership, Production Strategy, Process Management,
elective from the schools of Engineering, Business and Design.

2nd Semester

Market-oriented Product Development, Strategic Procurement, Value-oriented Management, Management of Emerging Technologies, Interdisciplinary Research Project

3rd Semester

Capstone seminar, Scientific colloquium, final thesis (master thesis)

Quick Facts

Winter semesters (October)

Regular study duration
3 semesters, inclusive master thesis

Application deadline
15th June

Application procedure
Two-stage selective procedure
Apart from the application via online application portal of the Pforzheim University, additional documents are to be submitted by mail

Language of instruction
English and German


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