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Engineering and Management Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

The corporate world is becoming more and more complex, thus there is demand for executives with an integrating function and who have an eye on the entire company. Industrial engineers fill this demand ideally for they are all-rounders who build bridges between the business world and technology. Thanks to their interdisciplinary training, industrial engineers can work in nearly all areas of a company.

Calculate and optimize flow charts!

Manage logistics efficiently!

Design and lead sales projects!

Study Program Overview

This is a classic study program in Engineering and Management that aims at preparing you meet the requirements of the manufacturing industry in Germany. You will learn to combine business and technical methods and to meet complex operational and strategic challenges. Thus you are best prepared for management tasks in technical oriented companies.

The study program provides you with expertise in engineering, information technology, economics and legal studies.
There are many competences and skills that are conveyed throughout the entire study. These include technical, social, methodological and self-competences. During the courses and projects you will be trained in management skills, presentation techniques, project management, rhetoric, as well as time and conflict management. This “Pforzheimer model” equips you with comprehensive interdisciplinary decision-making and problem-solving competences.  Thus you can acquire new expertise fast and efficiently and put them into practice. Pforzheim Univerisity is the first university of applied sciences in Germany to received the internationally recognized AACSB accreditation. With this quality seal, we are committed to providing first class training in management and therefore, join the circle of world's most prestigious educational institutions.

What our students say

"The study program Engineering and Management in Pforzheim perfectly covers a broad spectrum of my interests: Both business related and technical questions were covered. One learns to be flexible and open to new ideas. This combination is exciting and always challenging, and many employers love it!"

Veronika Pauer, graduate of 2012

Professional Opportunities

Industrial engineers are in demand globally because they understand and shape the connections between technological progress, economic growth and societal change in an international environment. The ability to work across all areas makes you the ideal choice for management positions for intergrated teams.

Your profile - Prerequisites

You should have a profound knowledge of school mathematics in addition to an interest in the links between the business world and technology. Mathematics plays an important role in all fields of studies in Engineering and Management. It is fundamental for the analysis of complex and interdisciplinary tasks. If you meet these requirements, then you will complete this study successfully.

Content and Structure of Program

1st and 2nd Semester
Basic principles in technology, economics, mathematics, programming and English

3rd and 4th Semester
Economics and technical courses, project work

5. Semester

6. und 7. Semester
Electives: controlling, information technology, engineering systems, logistics, production, final theses (bachelor thesis)

Quick Facts

Summer and winter semester

Regular study duration
7 semester, inclusive internship and bachelor thesis

Application deadline
15th July (winter semester), 15th January (summer semester)

Application procedure
Voluntary participation in the academic aptitude test to improve the admission opportunities (application deadline 15th April and 15th October respectively)

General high-education entrance qualification or a technical college entrance qualification

Pre-study internship
Required (8 weeks)

Language of instruction

Stiftung Akkreditierungsrat, AACSB

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