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Computer Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

The application of microelectronics can be seen everywhere e.g. in navigation systems and satellite-based applications etc. Modern microelectronic systems are based on the interaction of hardware and software: This interface is the working area of graduates of the computer science and engineering. Engineers working in this area understand modern technical systems and promote new developments.


Develop intelligent robots!

Increase the quality of smartphones!

Co-design autonomous vehicles!

Study Program Overview

Students learn the basic principles of mathematics, physics and electrical engineering. They also receive training in computer sciences and digital technology, since a comprehensive knowledge of software and hardware for the development of modern computer systems is essential. Extensive knowledge of microcontrollers and electronics perfectly completes the study. Based on the fact that today's technical systems is characterized by a high degree of complexity, we place emphasis on interdisciplinary knowledge and project work.

Quick Facts

Winter semester

Regular study duration
7 semesters, inclusive internship and bachelor thesis

Application deadline
15th July

Registration for interview
15th May

General high-education entrance qualification or a technical college entrance qualification

Pre-study internship
Not required

Language of instruction
Predominantly German

Tuition fee per semester
80 € Students Union fee
70 € administrative fees
8 € Student Body fee

To be completed in the 5th semester. Study abroad programs are available.


Professional Opportunities

Computer engineering has a great future. Graduates of this program have excellent opportunities in the job market. Computer specialist are needed in various industries, for example, in automation technology, automobile industry and microelectronics. Their fields of work range from development, sales service or quality management. Their opportunities are not limited to the above-mentioned areas but include all areas where these key technologies are needed i.e. microelectronics and software technology. They can also work as software developers.

Your profile - Prerequisites

Do you love working with computers? Would you like to learn about software and hardware, and in particular programming? If yes, we are your perfect fit! You should have a will take on technical challenges and systematically pursue your goals. If you curious about working with technical systems and want to understand how these systems operate, and if you are creative and enjoy developing new concepts, then you will enjoy working as an engineer.

Content and Structure of Program

1st and 2nd Semester:

Basics principles of electronics, computer science, mathematics, mechanics, software development, physics  

3rd and 4th Semester:

In-depth specialisation in selected areas and project work

5th Semester:


6th and 7th Semester:

Electives: automation technology, information technology, communication technology and final thesis (bachelor thesis)

What our students say

“We find computer engineering in many areas of our modern life; in simple household appliances like a washing machine all the way to complex technologies like the satellite. One of the outcomes of this program is to learn how to design and implement software and hardware systems. I love to creatively use mathematics and command sequences to find answers to technical questions. What I like about Pforzheim University is the modern equipment as well as the emphasis on practice and project work, which meaningfully support theoretical contents of study.”

Kevin German