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Medical Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

The demand for experts in medical engineering has been on the rise due to demographic change, the increased health awareness and the technical progress in medical science. The Federal Government has already declared health sciences as key technology for Germany and identified it as the growth engine of the future.

Develop new medical devices!

Manage development and distribution in medtech companies!

Market innovative medical products!

Study Program Overview

Interdisciplinary knowledge is required for the implementation of innovative ideas into powerful, practical and cost-effective applications, which not only combines technical and medical know-how, but also includes life sciences. You will acquire this knowledge in our practice-oriented medical engineering course, which we developed in close cooperation with regional medical technology companies.

Quick Facts

Winter semester

Regular study duration
7 semester, inclusive internship and bachelor thesis

Application deadline
15th July

Registration for interview
15th May

General high-education entrance qualification or a technical college entrance qualification

Pre-study internship
Not required

Language of instruction
Predominantly German

Tuition fees per semester
80 € Students Union fee
70€ administrative costs
8 € Student Body fee

To be completed in the 5th semester. Study abroad programs are available.


Professional Opportunities

The professional prospects for graduates are excellent. Baden-Württemberg is a center of medical technology. Many world market leaders in this industry are based here and are constantly seeking for skilled workers with the appropriate engineering knowledge. Possible areas of employment are in the development, approval and sales of medical products, in consultation of companies and governments health institutions. Another important area of employment includes the set-up, maintenance and quality management of hospitals and laboratories.

Your profile - Prerequisites

A good prerequisite for successful studies in Medical Engineering is an interest in medical and scientific topics and digital information processing. Logical-analytic thinking is of advantage. If you enjoy working in a team and like management and organizational tasks, then the medical engineer career is the best choice for you.

Content and Structure of Program

1st and 2nd Semester:

Basic principles of chemistry, electronics, computer science, design, mathematics, medicine, physics

3rd and 4th Semester:

In-depth specialization in selected areas and project work

5th Semester:


6th and 7th Semester:

Electives: business administration, customer communications, laboratory diagnostics/bio-analysis, medical equipment, medical informatics / final thesis (bachelor thesis)

What our students say

“I chose a technical course because I was intrigued by the human dimension it offers:  My knowledge would help patients on the way to recovery. I really like the fact that this field is relatively new and therefore, we have opportunities to find new and creative solutions. My goal is to work in research after studies.”

Lena Dawood