Engineering PF

'' I loved every second of it. I came home having one of the best experiences of my life and wishing I could immediately go back. lt was life-changing to say the least."

"I am so thankful to have taken part in this. Our group, buddies and leaders bonded so well throughout excursions and activities. Incredible experience!"

"This program was far more than I expected and got us all outside of our comfort zones. Experiencing the culture with the amazing friends we've made has been life changing."

"Amazing program. Incredible experience. Professors and staff were incredibly helpful and supportive."

"Thank you to everyone involved in making this program happen! It really did pass my expectations and I easily had some of the best weeks I ever had. I will 100% recommend it!"

"The value-for-money ratio was off the charts really! And everyone was so quick to come together and make friends. Our group became somewhat of a family."

"EMIG Summer School is seeing the world, getting an education and making awesome friendships along the way."

"It's been awesome to study here for six weeks. It's going to be the memory of my life."

"All the support and welcoming from everyone in Germany was outstanding! I really felt welcomed."

"The most unforgettable experience by far. I would do it again in a heart beat."

"The dedication and time that the EMIG staff put into ensuring that we all had a good time was incredible. They treated us like family."

I these six weeks I learned so much about myself, about culture and industry. These are learnings I can carry with me forever and apply them to my everyday life and career."