Semester dates, credit and grading system

On the following pages you will find useful information about our semester dates and our credit and grading system.

One academic year at Pforzheim University consists of two semesters, the summer semester (early October to mid-February) and the winter semester (mid-March to mid-July). The lecture period has a duration of approximately 14 weeks every semester (vacation periods not included). There is a semester break in February to March of five weeks and in July to September of ten weeks.

Since the academic calendar often does not match with academic year dates of our partner schools we can offer our exchange students adjusted program dates beginning in September to December for the winter semester and February to June/July for the summer semester.

Approximately three weeks before the semester starts intensive German courses are offered. For more information please check the website of our International Programs Office.

The academic calendar contains all important dates for the whole academic year.

The credit system

Pforzheim University uses a credit system in which each course has a specific number of “ECTS” credits. These ECTS credits (ECTS = European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) are based on the workload including contact hours, further reading, assignments, preparation for exams, etc., students need in order to achieve the expected learning outcomes.

The total student workload is calculated with approximately 900 hours for one semester, consequently one credit corresponds to 30 hours of work.

30 ECTS credits comprise the standard workload of a full-time semester. Due to these regulations, students from universities within the European Union are expected to take 30 credits in total during a semester.
Please note that ECTS credits do not compare with US-style credits.


Contact hours

For all courses, the contact hours and credits are indicated as follows:

One contact hour of lectures and seminars at Pforzheim University spans 45 minutes. Usually, one session comprises 2 contact hours, respectively 90 minutes, followed by a break.


The grading system

The Grading System at Pforzheim University is as follows:

1,0 -1,4 excellent
1,5 -1,8 very good
1,9 -2,5 good
2,6 -3,5 satisfactory
3,6 -4,0 sufficient
> 4,0 fail

The Grades are assigned as follows:

1,0 | 1,3 | 1,7
2,0 | 2,3 | 2,7
3,0 | 3,3 | 3,7
4,0 | 4,7 | 5,0