Our Program

We offer an exciting course combination of manufacturing and automation technology on the one hand and management of manufacturing on the other. Furthermore, it is supplemented by intercultural and language courses. Nearly all courses of this program which are taught in English are part of our bachelor degree programs and also offered to our domestic students. Subsequently, both exchange students and domestic students gain a great deal of invaluable experience through the increased diversity of cultural backgrounds and the respective differences in attitudes and opinions.

F:eel free to compile your own curriculum out of the four course blocks:

Course Block 1: Engineering in Manufacturing

Available lectures are Metal Processing, Electric Machines & Robot Programming or Measurement & Communication in Manufacturing.

Course Block 2: Management of Manufacturing

There is a selection of courses with topics in Production Management, Material Management in Manufacturing or Business Management for Engineers.

Elective Technical & Management Courses

Beside this we also offer a wide range of Elective Courses which complement the mandatory subjects of Course Block 1 & 2 in manufacturing.

Elective Intercultural & Language Courses

Learn more about the history of Germany, the German »Wirtschaftswunder« or understand the impact of culture in your daily life and in work-related contexts. In addition to that wide variety of German language courses are offered.

Extracurricular activities such as visits to German/European companies and institutions are provided by some of our lecturers. The program also cooperates with student initiatives arranging additional organized trips – for example to the Black Forest, Heidelberg, Berlin etc.


Language requirements

Pforzheim University expects that you have reached at least English Level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) proved by TOEFL iBT (minimum score 87) or equivalent tests. German language skills are not mandatory.

All classes are available in the fall and spring semester. If you are interested in learning German you are invited to our intensive beginners course starting three weeks before the beginning of the lecture period in Pforzheim. Furthermore we will offer an additional beginners course within the lecture periods.

Fall semester:

• Start of classes: end of September / beginning of October
• End of classes: end of January / middle of February

Spring semester:

• Start of classes: middle of March
• End of classes: middle of July